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Expert tree surgery services in Reading by certified professionals

Most UK gardens feature a tree or two. And these woody plants need special care that requires expertise, certification, insurance, professional power tools and most importantly safety knowledge. The tree experts at Right Gardeners Reading in Reading have got all the above. So, if you need assistance with an overgrown tree or a diseased plant that is no higher than 20 metres, simply get in touch with us!

Note that you will need to clear up with your council that the tree has not been given special protection (through a Tree Preservation Order) if your intention is to completely remove it or to significantly reduce its size.

In addition, an available parking space near your property is a must, as the equipment and safety gear that the arborists need to unload and carry are rather on the heavy side.

What the tree surgeons at Right Gardeners Reading can do for you

Depending on the type of trees you have on your property, the tree surgeons can do the following:

  • Seasonal pruning of fruit trees – Your tree will thank you on the following year by producing more fruit.
  • Crown shaping – Messy-looking trees can be an eyesore in your garden, right?
  • Removing dead branches – It’s simply dangerous for you and your family to leave dead branches hanging over the area that you all use.
  • Trimming/lopping overgrown branches – The result will be improved safety for your property, especially if the tree is touching the roof or say, any power lines.
  • Felling the whole tree – Sometimes, a tree can’t be saved with the above pruning techniques and needs to be chopped down. Or the woody plant is in the way of your house extension project and you want it removed.

And also:

  • Shredding of cut-down trees and branches – The tree technicians can shred the wood that has been cut off so that they can bag it, ready for disposal.
  • Stump grinding – An unsightly tree stump can quickly become a hazard, so just order our stump grinding service. You can easily use the grindings for mulch.
  • Waste removal – We offer a waste disposal service if you need the remnants from the tree surgery service taken away.
When to order a tree surgery service

As mentioned above, there could be many reasons as to why you might need professional tree surgery assistance that will benefit the tree itself, your property or your family.

Here are a few more:

  • Improve the overall look of your garden by tidying up the crown of a tree;
  • Get more light coming through your windows by trimming branches that block the sun;
  • Reduce pest problems by preventing wildlife or rodents from climbing a tree that is adjacent to the building;
  • Prevent other type of property damage (roof, guttering, electric cables);
  • Protect your property and family after a storm damage – we’ll treat your request as an emergency;
  • Hinder any opportunistic burglary attempts by reducing the size of a tree or by removing branches that can be used as an easy access.
How to book a tree surgery service with us

Call us and a qualified customer service agent will assist with your query and help you with the booking process. If you prefer, you can also use the online booking form and contact us this way. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.