Pressure Washing Reading

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Save time with our pressure washing service in Reading
  • Improved outdoor space in an instance
  • Eco-friendly and time-saving cleaning methods
  • Friendly and experienced local jet washers
  • Prolonging the life of your outside hard surfaces
Eco-friendly pressure cleaning services in Reading

Right Gardeners Reading provides efficient and environmentally friendly jet washing services in Reading, which can make any outdoor hard surface sparkling clean without the use of any detergents. We work with qualified and insured outdoor maintenance specialists with years of experience, who have the know-how and skills to complete the job up to a high standard.

Pressure cleaning is suitable for various types of surfaces, made from treated wood, terracotta, natural stone, concrete, brick, metal and more. This means that you can order a jet washing session and have your driveway, patio, deck, paved area, garden stone path, fence, wall, property facade and even garden furniture cleaned properly and with great results. We operate seven days a week, even during seasonal and public holidays, so just pick a convenient dry day and book.

How the experts at Right Gardeners Reading perform the service

The technician will bring their equipment on the day of the appointment and inspect the surfaces you need cleaning. They will confirm with you the exact size of the area before the pressure washing machine is set up. Note that your garden needs to have good drainage so that no micro flooding occurs in your yard during the service.

The cleaning process is extremely effective and can remove:

  • Moss and young weeds in between stone slabs or pavers;
  • Mildew and mould;
  • Rust, mud and dust;
  • Certain types of paint/graffiti;
  • General dirt build-up.

Please, provide the cleaner with access to water and electricity and a convenient parking spot, in order to ensure that the task can be completed in an efficient manner, since this is not an hourly-based service.

The benefits of professional pressure washing

There are plenty of advantages of choosing our specialised jet washing solutions over using your garden hose to clean dirty paved areas in your backyard or front garden.

Here are some:

  • Saving time, effort and resources – Or in other words, the powerful high-pressure cleaning equipment does the job faster, more effectively and with less hard work than if you had to scrub manually the surface and then, rinse it with a hose.
  • The method is kind to your plants – As no detergents are used in the process, the dirty water can safely drain around your plants or lawn.
  • Extending the life of your hardscape features – Naturally, your patio or deck will serve you for longer, if cleaned properly and on a regular basis.
  • Overall improved look of your outdoor space – It goes without saying that it’s much more pleasant to relax in your garden with furniture, decking or paved area that are free of mould, moss or dirt.
Order your pressure cleaning service in a couple of minutes

Just give us a call and a helpful customer service representative will assist you with the booking process. Or you can complete our contact form with your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your jet washing needs.