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Regular lawn care services in Reading for a lush turf at all times
  • Regular lawn care & grass cutting services
  • Skilled, equipped and insured gardeners
  • 7-day availability, even on public holidays
  • Fast booking and flexible appointments
Lawn care services in Reading, done by friendly gardeners

Do you need help with taking care of your lawn in Reading? Maybe, you no longer feel fit to cut the grass or you simply don’t have the time? Whatever the reason, we can come in handy, as we are local gardening company with years of experience in the business.

Right Gardeners Reading offers lawn mowing and specialised lawn care services, which are performed by multi-skilled local gardeners. They have been hired by our customers in the area regularly, which means that the job they do is appreciated as it meets the client’s high expectations.

The service is hourly-based, so you’ll be charged only for the time that it took the gardeners to complete the tasks.

Why choose our lawn care service and what it can include

So, why opt for our lawn care service? Check out below what you can expect by the seasoned gardening experts at Right Gardeners Reading:

  • The gardeners bring modern lawn mowers, which do not require access to electricity;
  • They will cut the grass as regularly as you need them to;
  • The specialists take into consideration the seasonal changes vs. the grass growth rate, when choosing the right setting of the lawn mower;
  • Your lawn edges will be professionally trimmed to get that nice and neat look;
  • You can also benefit from the gardeners’ expertise when it comes to feeding and topdressing your lawn;
  • Professional weed control for your lawn is also available as part of our lawn care service;
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the gardeners for some expert and personalised lawn care tips, as well.
The benefits of a professional lawn treatment

Your lawn can look as beautiful as that of your neighbour if you entrust the lawn care job to someone who does this for a living, that’s for sure. After all, lawns are different, in terms of their position and the level of sunlight they get. Also, the type of soil and the grass variety affect what type of lawn care products you need to use, as well. Let’s not forget that some types of grass are hardy, whereas others are more susceptible to pest problems, patchiness and diseases.
So, mowing the grass regularly is simply the minimum requirement for a lush turf as an end result. Consider having professional lawn treatment at the right time of the year to ensure your lawn’s health and the overall great look of your whole garden.

Request your lawn care service in a matter of minutes

Book your one-time or regular lawn care service by completing the contact form here. Or alternatively, you can always give us a call and speak to one of our helpful customer support agents, available 24/7.