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Guaranteed gutter cleaning services by Right Gardeners Reading
  • Effective water damage prevention
  • Experienced and insured gutter cleaners
  • Top-notch telescopic equipment
  • Convenient booking online or over the phone
  • One month no-blockage guarantee
Get a professional gutter cleaning service with one month guarantee

Improve the flow of rainwater in your guttering and downpipe system in Reading by hiring the expert gutter cleaners at Right Gardeners Reading. You can set an appointment for a day that suits you, be it a weekday, during the weekend or even on a public holiday. The local specialists come fully-equipped with a top-notch telescopic gutter cleaning tool, which is designed to perform the job from the ground. This makes the task less cumbersome and much safer as no ladders are involved in the cleaning process.

Note that we’ll be unable to perform the service if your gutters are fitted with guards or the downpipes are located underground.

How the gutter cleaning service is performed

Before the gutter cleaner arrives to your property in Reading, please make sure you’ve cleared any obstacles that might hinder their work. The specialist needs unobstructed access to your gutters from the ground.

The service will go as follows:

  • The technician will check the state of the gutters with their equipment, which is fitted with a camera that can snap images before and after the job has been done.
  • Then, the gutters will be cleaned carefully with a machine that has a powerful vacuum suction functionality, able to remove leaves, twigs, small branches and other plant debris.
  • You’ll be shown images with the results, once the job has been completed.
  • As mentioned above, the service comes with a one-month guarantee. This means that no blockages should form in that period.

The telescopic equipment can reach up to the fourth floor of a building. This is not an hourly-based service, so you’ll be provided with a price estimate, based on the size, the position and the number of floors of your property.

The benefits of regular gutter maintenance

Inspecting and cleaning your gutters with the help of a professional, a couple of times a year, is the way to go if you want to protect your home from water damage. Other benefits include:

  • Guaranteed and insured workmanship
  • Saving you time and effort (no climbing up a ladder yourself)
  • Extending the life of your guttering system
  • Preventing leaks and future expensive repairs
  • Lowering the risk of accidental fire (from dry twigs, catching a spark)
  • Decreasing the possibility of pest infestations and mould growth

Consider booking the service when you notice that rainwater is not running and draining down properly, which often happens in the autumn months or in early winter, due to fallen leaves and plant debris.

Here’s how to book your gutter cleaning session

Please, fill the booking form on this website with your details and we’ll get back to you shortly. Or alternatively, call our 24/7 customer service line to speak to one of our friendly agents. They will assist you in the most helpful manner.